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The 5 Largest Inheritances Left to Cats

Some of the Richest Cats in the World were Benificiaries of Wills.

Cats have long been known as beloved companions to many, often enjoying the comforts of their owner’s homes and the affection showered upon them. However, some fortunate felines have received more than just love and attention from their human counterparts. In a few extraordinary cases, cats have been bequeathed with substantial inheritances that would make even a human heir envious. It is worthwhile to consider including your feline friend in your will or, at the very least, establishing a guardianship– either of which you can do for free at GetDynasty.com.  Here are the stories of the five largest inheritances ever left to cats.

1. Blackie – The Millionaire Cat

Blackie, a British cat, holds the Guinness World Record for the richest cat in history. In 1988, his owner, Ben Rea, passed away and left an astonishing inheritance of £7 million (equivalent to over $12 million today) to his beloved companion. This sizeable bequest was accompanied by a peculiar stipulation: the money would be split among three cat charities, with the bulk going to the one that cared for Blackie the longest. Blackie lived to be 27 years old and spent his remaining years in the lap of luxury.

2. Tommaso – The Stray Cat Turned Millionaire

Tommaso, a former stray cat from Rome, Italy, became an overnight millionaire when his owner, Maria Assunta, passed away in 2011. Maria was a wealthy widow with no surviving family, so she decided to leave her entire estate, estimated at $13 million, to Tommaso. This fortunate feline inherited luxurious properties and bank accounts, and he has since lived a life of opulence thanks to his generous benefactor.

3. Choupette Lagerfeld – The Fashion Mogul’s Muse

Choupette Lagerfeld, a beautiful Birman cat, had the privilege of being the beloved pet of the iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. When Lagerfeld passed away in 2019, he left behind a sizable fortune, but he made sure that Choupette wouldn’t be left wanting. It’s rumored that Choupette was set to inherit a substantial portion of Lagerfeld’s estimated $150 million estate, ensuring that the pampered cat would continue to live the high life.

4. Cleopatra, Goldfinger, Leo, Midnight, Napoleon, Snowball and Squeaky – The Florida Seven

A Tampa, Florida woman left behind her 2.5 million dollar estate to her seven Persian cats in June of 2023.  The seven kitties lived in their Florida home for over a month before a judge decided they needed more care than just a few check-ins per day.  He placed them in the care of the Humane Society of Tampa where they received over 200 applications for their adoptions!  A perk of becoming a new pet parent to one of these pampered Persians?  All expenses for the cats (food, vetting, grooming) were covered by the inheritance their late owner, Nancy, left behind for them ensuring these cats will continue to live the good life.

5. Nicholas- A Pop Icon’s Privleged Ragdoll

When the British pop icon passed in 1999, she left her fortune to the care of her 13 year old Ragdoll (and cherished companion), Nicholas.  Her close friend Lee Everett-Alkin was designated the caretaker of the cat and Dusty had many very unique wishes that were carried out for Nicholas.  He ate imported American baby food, lounged in a 7 ft tall tree house and even slept in a bed lined with her old nightgowns with her music playing him to sleep.  

So, there you have it– 5 stories of cats that made it to the 1%.  These stories of fortunate pets receiving substantial inheritances serve as a testament to the deep bonds between humans and their animal companions.  Why not consider leaving a legacy for your pet or at least the person who will care for your best feline friend at GetDynasty.com.  While some may find these inheritances excessive, they highlight the enduring love and devotion that people have for their beloved pets, ensuring that they are well-cared for even after their owners have passed away

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