Free Plan

One time revocable trust creation with basic features and defensibility.
  • One time revocable trust creation
  • Basic features and defensibility
  • Identity verification
  • Digital signature

Advantage Plan

Revocable trust with advanced features, privacy, and protection.
  • Cancel any time
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Unlimited beneficiaries
  • Unlimited trust changes
  • Unlimited assets
  • One remote notarization per year
  • Advanced features
  • Enhanced defensibility
  • Unlimited support

Irrevocable Trust

Custom built Irrevocable Trusts for users who want enhanced control and protection.
Starting at $250
  • Includes everything in advantage plan
  • Minimize taxes
  • Protection from creditors
  • Protection from divorce
  • Protection from lawsuits
  • Asset transfer assistance
  • Specific control over your money
  • White glove trust setup

Comparing Dynasty

The average customer would save over $3000 for the duration of their Living Trust


Trust Software Trust Lawyers
Digital Trust Creation Free $500+ $2300+
Digital & Wet-Ink Signatures $99/yr with Dynasty Advantage Not incuded Not incuded
Remote Notarization Included with Advantage $150+ $150+
Dynasty Vault Storage Included with Advantage Not incuded Not incuded
Fully Remote Execution Included with Advantage Not incuded Not incuded
Trust Changes Included with Advantage $150+ Per Changes $350-$1000 per change
Modern Day Protection Included with Advantage Not incuded Not incuded
Dedicated Support Included with Advantage Not incuded $300+/hr

Why you can trust Dynasty

Everyone should have a Trust, not just the 1%.

Our founding team previously revolutionized the venture capital space at Carta by empowering more employee ownership and transparency into startup companies. Today Carta is used by over 70% of startups and manages over 2.5M users.

Now we have our sights set on empowering the average American with wealth creation and protection tools that are usually reserved for the rich. Our Co-Founder & CTO was the first employee and architect of Carta’s platform that secures their $2.5 trillion in assets. He brings that knowledge to Dynasty to build a secure Living Trust Platform.



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Backed by Top Silicon Valley Investors

We are proudly backed by over 50 investors, which includes esteemed figures such as Bill Ackman, the influential finance billionaire, Henry Ward, the visionary CEO of Carta, and Jerry Murdock, the founder of Insight Partners.
Bill Ackman

Influential Finance Billionaire

Henry Ward

CEO of Carta

Nina Fairbairn

VP of InfraTech Partners

Jerry Murdock

Founder of Insignt Partners

Liu Jiang

Prominent Angel Investor

Arjun Sethi

Founder of Tribe Capital

What is a Trust?

A Living Trust is a financial tool that lets you plan, organize, and protect your life. It’s a personal entity that allows you to add assets and plan out your inheritance. Eliminating legal battles, cost, and time spent by your loved ones. 

Think of it like a personal LLC that you put everything you own in. Except it doesn’t protect you from liability like an LLC does, it protects you from probate and conservatorship. 

Probate is the complicated court process (12-18 months) where a judge decides what happens to your assets after you die, become incapacitated, or are “deemed” incapable. Creating a living trust allows your assets to completely circumvent probate and immediately transfer to your loved ones. 

In addition to being able to name heirs (your beneficiaries), a Trust also allows you to assign someone to manage it (your successor trustee). Instead of going through probate, your Successor Trustee takes control of the Trust, handles your affairs, and distributes your assets according to your instructions. The person you select as Successor Trustee should be your most trusted person. Like a best friend or closest family member.

At Dynasty, we believe everyone should have a Living Trust. If you have children, assets, or plan to acquire assets in the future, you should create a Trust. That way when you buy your next home, open a bank or brokerage account, get startup shares, etc. – you can immediately title them in your trust.