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A Living Trust gives you privacy, protection, control, and helps you avoid court
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Privacy and Protection

Real estate records are public, so an anonymous Trust protects your identity and deters lawsuits.


With a Trust, you make the decisions on who inherits your home. This helps your family avoid disputes and legal battles.

Avoid Court

Probate court is a significant tax on American families. Every year, billions of dollars are forced into probate because most Americans don’t have a Trust.

On average probate court takes 18 months and costs 10s of thousands of dollars.

This unnecessary process creates friction and endless family disputes. With a Trust, you can avoid probate court.

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For the do it yourselfer who wants to figure things out themselves.
  • One time trust creation - no edits
  • Basic Trust features
  • Digital Identity verification
  • Electronic Signature only
  • Lifetime access to completed Trust
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For those who don’t have time to figure it out themselves and just want to get it done right.
  • Everything in Free Plus...
  • Privacy through Custom Trust Name
  • Live customer support
  • Assistance transferring assets into the trust
  • Unlimited trust edits - your trust can grow with you as your life evolves
  • 1 live remote notary session per year
  • And more
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Frequently Asked Questions
Trust vs Will?

A Will is a list of after death instructions that requires probate court, while a Trust holds assets for beneficiaries and skips probate court.

What is probate court?

Probate court is a legal process of validating a will and distributing assets after someone dies. It costs thousands and takes up to 18 months.

When is the best time to create a trust?

Do this before you buy a home or make your next investment! If you try to do it after, retitling property can take weeks and cost much more.

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