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Modern day Trust Protection

The traditional process for creating a trust is extremely antiquated and broken. A notary stamp on paper is your last line of defense to prevent malicious behavior from an executor or challenges from a disinherited beneficiary. Due to this lack of protection, trusts are often challenged, administered incorrectly, or tossed out by a judge and sent to probate court.

One of the big advantages of using Dynasty is our modern day protection process. We provide technology that enables multiple layers of identification and evidential proof, which combine to validate your plan in case any person or entity tries to challenge it. Our process includes:

  • Detailed identity verification 
  • Video recorded evidence of your signing session
  • Multi step fraud prevention analysis
  • Detailed audit log of all your interactions and changes

Nobody else currently offers these services but we believe they are paramount in today’s world of fraud in the online and offline world.

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What is a Trust?

A Living Trust is a financial tool that lets you plan, organize, and protect your life. It’s a personal entity that allows you to add assets and plan out your inheritance. Eliminating legal battles, cost, and time spent by your loved ones. 

Think of it like a personal LLC that you put everything you own in. Except it doesn’t protect you from liability like an LLC does, it protects you from probate and conservatorship. 

Probate is the complicated court process (12-18 months) where a judge decides what happens to your assets after you die, become incapacitated, or are “deemed” incapable. Creating a living trust allows your assets to completely circumvent probate and immediately transfer to your loved ones. 

In addition to being able to name heirs (your beneficiaries), a Trust also allows you to assign someone to manage it (your successor trustee). Instead of going through probate, your Successor Trustee takes control of the Trust, handles your affairs, and distributes your assets according to your instructions. The person you select as Successor Trustee should be your most trusted person. Like a best friend or closest family member.

At Dynasty, we believe everyone should have a Living Trust. If you have children, assets, or plan to acquire assets in the future, you should create a Trust. That way when you buy your next home, open a bank or brokerage account, get startup shares, etc. – you can immediately title them in your trust.